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Working with Recycled Pallet Wood

Why Use Pallet Wood?

Pallets would seem to be an unusual choice for woodworking and crafting. Recently the DIY and crafting communities have been buzzing with projects based on pallet wood. There are several reasons why people are excited about using pallet wood to build projects. The biggest reasons are cost, aesthetics, and the environment.

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Older pallets have a beautiful weathered quality to them and can be used without staining. If you’d like to stain, pallets are made from a variety of woods that when mixed and stained can be very eye pleasing. Stain or no stain, using a mix of different pallet woods will give your project a rustic, handmade feel.

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Pallets are used to ship goods all across the world. Most heavy or bulk goods delivered to stores are shipped on pallets. This is why you can find pallets at most stores for free or next to nothing.  If you can develop a good working relationship with your local shops you may have a steady supply of material.

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Millions of broken pallets get sent to landfills every year. Recycling or upcycling wooden pallets is a great way to make use of something that will take a long time to break down in our landfills. BRP keeps over half a million pallets from going into our local landfills every year.

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