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Where to Get Pallets?

Pallets are all in almost every store. Focus on stores that sell larger items, as these are bound to have pallets. You can call your public works to see if they have any available. Avoid large chain stores, since large “Big-Box” stores like Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, and Home Depot have their own pallet recycling procedures and will not give pallets to you. Be sure to get permission from store managers before you take anything off of the store premises. Of course the easiest way to get pallet wood is to buy from Blue Ridge Pallet!

How to Dismantle a Pallet

A pallet is made of top and bottom boards (called deck boards) and middle support boards (called stringers). You can usually get 8 to 14 deck boards depending on the type of pallet.

Dismantling a pallet will require approximately 30 minutes to an hour with hand tools like hacksaws, hammers, and crowbars. If you are using a crowbar or claw on a hammer, try to keep the leverage point over the stringer to avoid breaking boards. Dismantling by hand is time consuming and can damage the wood in the process if you are not careful.

Using power tools like a reciprocating saw will cut down the dismantling time  significantly. Insert the saw between the boards and try to cut the nails holding the boards together. Be sure to use proper safety equipment like safety glasses and heavy work gloves. Use a saw horse and clamps or a partner to hold the pallet when possible. Of course the fastest and easiest way is to buy your wood from us!

How to Prep Your Pallet Wood

Once you have your boards, you can start your project. Most pallet boards will need minimal prepping before you use them. If you buy from us or if you use a reciprocating saw to dismantle your pallets, your boards will have nail heads in them. This is part of the rustic charm of the wood. If for whatever reason you want to remove the nail, a few taps with a hammer and a punch from the opposite side of the board will dislodge the nail. Don't worry about sanding or staining unless you really want to. The raw nature of pallet wood is what makes pallet projects so attractive!

Description of our product:

Working on a project using your knowledge and abilities to create a finished product is a joy. Getting materials for your creations can be a whole process on its own. Do you want to craft projects out of pallet wood but don't have the time, patience, or tools to cut down pallets yourself? Buy our pallet boards! We offer 44” tall stacks of boards cut from recycled pallets. Each board is 29" to 32" long, 4" to 6" wide, and 3/8" to 5/8" thick and weighs about a pound. 
The boards are a mixture of hardwood softwood, which bring an eye-pleasing contrast in color and texture to your projects. These stacks are a great way to get cheap boards quickly and to start crafting right away. Since these stacks are heavy, about 450 pounds, we will ship using freight.
Our boards are cut from pallets, and as such they will have nails in them. This is a part of the rustic charm of pallet wood. If you do not like the nails you can easily remove them with a punch and a few taps with a hammer. (See picture)